Twitter goes ‘Fast and Furious’ for Vin Diesel


I am pretty sure, Mark Sinclair, popularly known as Vin Diesel, has not had a good week. After all, it’s not every day that a Hollywood actor, known for his action sequences in top-notch international productions, is appointed as the Chief Minister of India’s largest state by Twitter. Wait, what?

Last Sunday saw the end of a week of suspense. And the beginning of another filled with anticipation and humor. When Bhartiya Janta Party announced their new candidate as Uttar Pradesh CM. We saw a multitude of reactions from relief to shock to amusement.

Twitterati (the Twitter janta) couldn’t hold in their reactions and soon erupted in a wave of memes about the newly appointed minister. Their cheek-in-tongue humor. And all the right intended puns never miss the right note and this time has not been any different. Yogi Adityanath bears an uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood actor. And the two have even been addressed as ‘long lost brothers’ in several memes that have done the rounds.

It has been a week since Yogi Ji was sworn in as the 21st Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. And ‘congratulatory wishes’ have still not stopped pouring in. We bring you the best of Twitter!


  1. Mere Karan-Arjun aa gaye!
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2. Ah! That relief, finally we have a position in hand.

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3.  This one here is an edited poster of the Hollywood actor with our very own national diva. We cannot deny since they have a point, though.

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4. Yogi Ji, who is a Hindutva hardliner has often been in the news for his interviews that have not gone down well with people and with Uttar Pradesh. He was being in the middle of a controversy always. I was already expecting something like this.

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5. This one’s a personal favorite!

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6.  Yes, exactly why I love Twitter. Humor mixed with the right amount of Rashtrawaad! 

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While I was struggling to choose the right words to end my article, the proponents of modern-day humor AIB, summed it all for me.

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