The visual effect creates a more impact on human. In this century , nowadays people prefer to watch instead of reading. In upcoming days video content accelerate marketing rather than text content. As the world is adopting digitalization every day there is an advanced technology takes place in digital marketing and also came up new marketing strategies to entice more viewers.


YouTube is basically designed only for video content marketing as it creates more people engagement . It is a video creating ,uploading and sharing video website.Youtube allows the user to view, rate, comment, upload, report , add to favourite and subscribe to other users.Video Content includes TV shows , documentary , video clips , movies, live stream , video blogging and most importantly educational videos.There are many people said in their interviews that they learn from watching videos nowadays this is very trending this creates more engagement on social media.
Short video clip on Facebook which is very informative relating to all field.
In future video content marketing gain more popularity among the people. As per the survey, Youtube and Facebook are majorly used.


Video content is not completely dominating the text content but of course, video content requires text content in the inform of subtitles and detail information. The below is the list of video content:
*Video clips
*Short Movie
*Movie trailers
*Review of Movie
*Video Blog
*Live videos
*Live webinar
*Ted Talks
*Product review & Movie review
But remember these different types of video are not good enough it also requires an approaching content .Good content creates the intrinsic value of its own part and it also gives the awe experience to the viewers.

How many videos searched and watched daily on social media?

As per the survey more than 500 million people searched and watched on Facebook.
Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day.There many video marketing strategies are suggested and used by an analyst for example ,
Compulsory 10 seconds advertisement between the video.
The 30 seconds of advertisement before On Youtube.
A video is a powerful tool that boosts engagement and showcases the brand.The video is already a marketing staple .People are more interested to watch videos.


Nowadays, people fascinated by the visual effect and visual reality (VR).Thats the reason brands majorly involve in videos publishing their brands through advertisement and it also creates the intention of buying .Video Contents marketing grab more attention to the viewers.
Nano Influencer is the secret weapon of social media marketer.Nano Influencer is the trick whom people support and follow a lot .This will help to gain loyal customer and creates the faith .Nano Influencer will have around 1000 to 5000 followers on social media .For any startups, this strategies is the best to apply.It is proven that 70% of people make a purchase only following video content.


In the ending note , we cannot completely dominate text content but Video content creator and Video content marketing are far better than text content if it is in a correct way.In future people prefer more video content rather than text content but video content has always a back of text content.
The video content is rising but it doesn’t mean that the existence of text content completely vanishes.
The video helps to live the moment again and stores the value of place, product,person and the memory of every moment.
CONTENT IS KING whether it is video or text.

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