What does women empowerment talks about?!


“Feminism isn’t about making women strongerwomen are already strong. Its about the way the world perceives that strength”- once G.D.Anderson told. In today’s world women are achieving greater heights in various field of interest. It’s not that they are more delicate and talented, they are stronger than others think. Why does these integrity, and empowerment are not spread all over the land?! On other hand, where does these empower and legality gets built up?! 

Women empowerment starts from their birth place. Her birth and her parent play major part in girl’s life. But how? Yes, when her parent believes . When their daughter they support her in each honest acts of hers, like education, revealing her talents and so on. Women are someone who play multiple roles in both family and society. Women complete the society. But social status of women is still a matter of question at many areas in the world.

So, what this women empowerment exactly speaks about?! It’s something where women can built their independent world for their own happiness and enhancement. To create an environment​that favour them completely yet, more benefit to the society. The environment that provides them equal rights and status in the society. It allows them to take their own decisions and have a free, independent life with their own self-respect and dignity. And the most to be remarked one, she has safe and comfortable surroundings around her presence.

Why this empowerment is so important?! There are lists of reasons to be brought out.

Economical status

50% of world population is women and yes, they are capable of working. Employment of women is something to be noted and most vital one. When a woman is employed, it not only benefits her family and increases the economical status of the society. It drives the women to stand on their own will and legs. That’s how we give independence to the girls around society.

Literacy status

Next vital need for women is education. Education teaches the rights and status that a woman deserve in her survival. Of course, women are equally talented and intelligent than men. They are clever and very abrupt in their decisions. When education is well provided, economical status of both family and society increases simultaneously. Women are capable of both development and victory of the nation.

National status

There are some exceptional sectors where women are irreplaceable. In such cases independent women are in demand.Poverty and corruption can be violated when women are allowed to learn their rights and needs. At the same time, women are capable of achieving in every possible field they can. That’s where our nation gets proud in front of other nations. Risk of violence is decreased as educated women know the law and legal actions to be supported and illegal to oppose. These are the way how women pay their respect to the nation for developments.

Women empowerment is serious issue to be considered all over the world. It‘s not the one to be started when law gets strict, it is something to be started in every family of a girl. It starts from every individual of the land.


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