Value Dreams and Visions Over the Pressures of Society!

Dreams over society

A Competitive World

In this extremely competitive world, we are constantly trying to scale the heights of success. The rigorous exercises(sometimes not even matching our competency)that the competition demands fall heavily on the neutral state of mind. Hence, this is a difficult place for neutrals to survive. In this society, either you win or you lose. A coin either has a head or tale. Just like it, A person has two choices. This is all about handling the pressure of this society.

Glory Hunting Society

Society pressurizes us to achieve success as we are not able to win the race. Hence, we feel dejected. There is no sense of motivation in ourselves.
Why do we fall prey to these pressures? Perhaps due to the compulsion of parents or the need to be identified in our society. This entire rat race ends either with a victory knock or with a great shock.

Rat Race

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A Strong Determination

To insulate ourselves to these pressures. We must have a proper, solid and sound blueprint for life where no social pressures are allowed.
Our determination to achieve excellence should be based on our imagination that bears fruit with our efforts should be to stay focussed upon our inner strength. In such a situation, we can never know which step will bring a good turn in our life but one thing we should be aware of is that it is our vision that will ensure our future trail.
So, in this light where we rely on others at the cost of our life, let’s us value self-dignity, respect, and quality of life and achieve the platform of success. This isn’t a rat race. This is a real world where we are free to make our own choices.

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