UP Chief Minister : 100 days of Yogi!

Yogi as UP Chief Minister

YOGI AS UP Chief Minister

It has been days passed when Yogi Adityanath took over as UP Chief Minister. The win by BJP was a defining moment in Indian democracy. And choosing Adityanath as the CM was none less than a shock to everyone. Regardless all of, Adityanath has completed 100 days as a CM. And to ponder over his achievements, he called a press conference.


The crux of his conference lied upon the waiver of the farmers’ loan. Waiver of whopping 36000 crores benefiting 85 lakhs farmers was felt to be his best achievement. The loan waiver of sugarcane farmers worth Rs. 22,517 crore was also witnessed.

Major Achievements
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CM showed their intent to provide electricity to the people of Uttar Pradesh at an affordable rate. It is obvious that 100 days are not enough to develop a state. So, in order to substantiate his achievement list, many remote things were added. Continuous power supply to the religious cities like Ayodhya during Navaratri found a place in the list. Launching of women helpline number “181” in order to curb domestic violence was also considered a major achievement by the CM.

There were various things on which questions were raised. But they were left unanswered, as the CM choose to walk away when the questions were put forward. The ban on illegal slaughter-house was a good move. But the plight of the unemployed people due to it was ignored. Anti-Romeo squads was another good step by the CM. But there were no answers to the harassment by the cops to couples. The promise of reducing violence and maintaining law and order in the state seemed to be broken. With a spike in violence and incidents of rape proved that the BJP government failed in this aspect. Further promises of cracking down corruption and building up quality roads are yet to be fulfilled.


UP Cabinet
Image Source: UP Cabinet

With both up and down sides. It cannot be said that whether the government has stood upon the expectations of its voters or not. A further tenure of time can only prove the same. Till then, it’s our duty to praise all the worthy developments and to support the government in it’s every task.

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