UNSC Terrorists

A couple of days ago, the United Nations Security Council, updated the consolidated list of terrorists and militant groups. The list, compiled by the most powerful organ of the United Nations, the only one which can actually take military action, listed the names of almost 140 well known Pakistani terrorists.

The list is topped by the apparent successor to Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri and the Lashkar e Taiba, who were behind multiple terrorist attacks, including the Mumbai attacks.

The list also includes Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian national, who is rumoured to have escaped to Pakistan and is said to hold multiple Pakistani passports. He is said to be near Karachi


This is perhaps a good step, especially for India, since around a year ago, Pakistan had refused the allegations of harbouring terrorists, to which Eenam Gambhir, a young Indian diplomat, who was the first secretary at the Indian permanent mission to the United Nations, replied accusing Pakistan of hosting the “ivy league of terrorism”. This was in reference to the elite ivy league colleges in the United States and accused Pakistan of training and harbouring of Pakistan.

It is not clear yet how Pakistan has reacted to this list by the UNSC. Many expect that Pakistan will repeat it its same old stance of denying these allegations, by calling them baseless. But given the fact that almost everyone knows that this information is quite accurate and factual, even a mere acknowledgement from Pakistan’s side will perhaps thaw some of the coldness and tension between India and Pakistan.

This list might even help strengthen India’s bid for a seat in the Security Council since India is a strong regional power in the South Asian region. Given the number of terrorist activities being exposed with the list, India might be in a position with a high bargaining power since it is the only country in proximity to this activity with requisite military and intelligence prowess to actually make a real difference.

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