Understanding – Misunderstanding


Dear Friends, please do not ruin or end your relationships because of any misunderstanding.

It has been Twenty Five Years since our Parents got married. A lot of time hun? but we all know and it’s a fact that they fight on every big or little issue mostly because of misunderstanding. Why do they fight? It has been 30 years they had been together. They should have known each other better than any other human being on earth but why do they fight?

So the thing here to understand is that misunderstandings are always there, it’s the way or the process by which you overcome and understand each other again and again is called Love.

Whether it is your Father, Mother, Uncle, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Servant, Brother or even a Gardener, just try to talk to them and understand why they did it?

Every story has three parts: yours, theirs and the truth. Try to listen to all three, don’t start judging them instantly. According to me, there is no such thing as a relationship full of Understanding, in reality, you just reduce the misunderstandings.

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I write what I think. My views are personal, if you like it well and good if you don't just ignore it and move on. I am a photographer, a professional one. Professionalism is all I have and I take it seriously. How professional am I? I can do my Girlfriend's Bridal Shoot. "Without Crying" In conclusion I would like to say that ignore what you don't like and Make India a tolerant country.



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