Understanding Fear and Courage

Understanding Fear and Courage

Navneel Maji

There is not much difference between fear and courage, unlike what most believe. They think courage is opposite to fear or absence of fear. What is actually the case is that both courage and cowardice has its roots in fear. It is fear that makes a person courageous or a coward. A courageous person is trying to either suppress the fear or is controlling it, but still, the fear is, in fact, influencing their lives, one is not free of it. The question remains: is it possible to eradicate the whole fluctuation of fear from the human system?


Here is another thing about the fear that is you cannot play safe with fear. Either you are fearless or you are not. Yes, it can be that fear has not amplified in you to a noticeable degree, which is good at the time, but it requires continuous micro-management of everything about our lives. One cannot just simply let go. Moreover, if you are not aware and you slip to a non-attentive mode then the fear is automatically amplified and when you open your eyes, you see its too late and you are just left with its consequences -anxiety, depression, panic attacks and so on.


Hence, when fear arises in the system, the thing one has to ask is what it is that one is holding back. What is that is one is playing safe or taking for granted. On what loose grounds is he living his lives? Whatever elements one is holding back that is controlling his life’s narrative must be questioned and relinquished because as long as that is not addressed, the fear will crop up.


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