The Ultimate Bangalore Survival Kit


As Charles Darwin says, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” Bangalore has come up in the recent years as the melting pot of people, cultures, languages, religion and traditions. Many come here in search of a job, some in search of the art and others in search of education. If you’re one of those people who are planning to shift to Bangalore (and are randomly sitting on your couch, wondering if you will be able to survive the change), throw away all your apprehensions. Here’s the what you need in your survival kit if you want to live in Bangalore.

Change: If you’re planning to stay in Bangalore for quite some time, chances are that you will travel around the city for various purposes. (Chances are, just when you have your heart set on this perfect apartment in Whitefield, you will find out that your office is in Hanumanthnagar.) And unless you’re super rich, you would not be able to travel in a cab every day. So, you would have to rely on BMTC buses for commutation.

Whist normal elbow nudging skills are required to travel through these buses, what you will necessarily require is change. You might start out from your house with a bag full of 10 rupee notes and coins, it might just so happen that they would magically when you need to pay some five rupees for your bus fare. And (since it would be your lucky day), your fellow passengers might also be out of change. What will ensue is a ten minute awkward silence, where each one figures what to do, but finally leaves it on the other to solve the person. In short, hoard those ten rupee notes and one rupee coins as they’re the most precious treasures  in the world.

Good Music: If you’ve spent even ten seconds on the internet digging up information about Bangalore, you would have come across the famous Bangalore traffic. To describe it in one word, Bangalore traffic is never-ending. As the crow flies, you might be able to reach a place within 20 minutes. But it is entirely possible that you might be stuck at the same place for the better part of an hour. I know, I know. It is highly frustrating. You might even contemplate ditching your car and just walking back home by foot. So, the next time you step out of your house, you might want to have a good playlist playing on your phone. Why? Because music makes everything better.

Umbrella: Well, it is very popular because of the given the amount of mood swings it has, the Bangalore weather is definitely feminine. And it’s true. The weather changes within a blink of an eye. You might just be on the rooftop, lazing in the warm sunny rays, when it might start raining cats and dogs before you can so much as run inside! So, looking at the sky before leaving the house is out of the question. Make sure you carry your umbrella wherever you go and whenever you go.

Well, if you have these three under your wings, don’t you worry. It might be the technology hub of India, but it is yet to be invaded by aliens.


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