TV Series Review : Morning Mantra

  • Navneel Maji

Here is a health care show from Telugu Maa Tv Programme named Morning Mantra features Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji who is an expert in the Mudra Yoga. The program everyday comprises of three sections with occasional surprise specials. In the first segment Guruji talks about particular illnesses  and the occurrence of the disease, its symptoms, what are the general measures that people take for the solving the problem and how those measures don’t generally work out, especially in the long run. In the second segment he plunges on the solution of the problem by showing the respective Mudra Yoga that one should do to get rid of the illness; and the third and final section is where he will elaborate on the useful shlokas related to curing the disease. He claims all the measures given are scientifically justified.  Not only that, he gave tips for improving the overall health of your house, for instance, methods to know whether your house is under threats like witchcraft, necromancy, sorcery, etc. and mantras to elevate your houses of such negative imprints.  He even answers to all the queries of the viewers one by one with his free flowing wisdom. He talks about the things to keep in mind while worshipping various gods and goddesses, and pay your respects to them, with their Mantras and Mudras. He also brings on a person’s psychological element in the show and its importance in keep a healthy family. Problems that arrogance and greed bring to the life of a person and how can one get over it. In one episode, the show talked about many acclaimed personalities- how to learn from their lessons and bring into practice into our life.  He also mentioned the problems that are faced by the working people and how to deal with it.  He even has good command over the astrology which doesn’t stop him from some of this expert tips, added to that the knowledge of the esoteric practices, like Ghraha Dosha, Mata Mantra, Jaatka Dosha, Guru Shrapa, and Soonya Yoga- beeping up viewers mind with their importance and practices to be followed.  He then delves into some of the concepts that create common misconceptions, topics such as Karma and Shrapa.  He reminded the importance of Aarthi and Bhajans in the regular life of a person.  Hence, watching the show daily will help a person gear up will the tools necessary to have a holistic living.

The show comes up every weekday from 8:30 Am on Zee Kannada.


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