TV Serial Review : Meri Awaaz hi Pehchaan Hai

  • Navneel Maji

It is Indian Television TV series of musical drama, premiered on 7 March 2016- on the eve of International Women’s Day, broadcasting on &TV.  The show comes on air from Monday to Friday with every episode being of 23 minutes in length. The show’s writer is Bhavani Iyer and later Preeti Singh took over. Bhavani Iyer, the former journalist and now a screenwriter, has worked both on popular Bollywood movies like Lootera, Guzaarish and TV series like 24, Everest.  The House of Originals, headed by Nivedita Basu, are the production tank of the show along with Kushal Zaveri (famed for Gumrah) doing the direction. The first season is of 95 episodes long, continued up to 15 July 2016.

In the story, mother Devika gayakwaad of the two sisters: Kalyani and Ketki, who grew together, are very passionate about singing. On their journey, they struggled a lot. They even got deceived from people in their personal lives. Eventually, their efforts paid off with receiving great success. However, the fate has it that due to some misunderstanding they had to separate for about 21 long years. This led to the idea for the tagline of the show: why the sisters joined by the musical passion had to separate. Some suspected that this had something to do with Asha Bhonsle and Lata Mangeshkar rivalry, but creators cleared it’s not. The story of the two sisters started across the three generations, and their journey started from the town of Nagthane to Mumbai, where the dreams come true. The show comes off as very realistic to the music industry of India as necessary. It also has true depiction, and praised for so, of the dressing and lifestyle of people from villages and cities, and the sharp contrast between them. In the last episode, the show ends on a positive note by uniting the two sisters by forgetting their differences for life.

The show has many interesting trivia with it. Amrita Rao (as Kalyani Gaikwad) makes her debut on the television with this show. Pallavi Joshi (as Devika Gaikwad) will be making a comeback after such long interval. The veteran actors Deepti Naval and Zarina Wahab are acting as the older generations of the singers, as old Kalyani and old Ketki. The show will not be continuing forever and so does not come under TRP monitoring. Hence, overall, it was many experiments put together into a single show, and from the reviews, it seems it turned out a success.


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