TV Serial Review : Mee Arogyam Mee Chetullo

  • Navneel Maji

It is a Telugu Program from the Maa TV channel about taking care of our health covering from simple tips to methods for removing illness. The show’s host, Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana is known as a presenter for healthy living. The show covers a wide range of issues. Starting with, methods to reduce the various allergies we have from food; what food to restrain from in various cases of illness, during pregnancy, and other medical conditions. He speaks on how to solve the common digestive problems that so many people suffer from; what to do when we have gas or stomach pain. In one of the episode at the weekend, he gives new and exciting cooking recipes. One episode he delved into the most needed, dandruff solutions where he gave simple tips to remove such devastating problems. Losing excess weight or increasing, is another such issue, and he dealt it equally rightly. Then he moved onto the skin problems like rashes between the fingers, reducing pinching in thighs, removing insects from the hair. Doctor also dealt with other ailments of the body, blood cells in the legs, reducing over bleeding, etc. He brought up the importance of Yoga in our life, which was shown in a weekend special, along with showing the important postures and the right methods to do them. Then he also solved the common queries of the couples related to pregnancy, children, and other sexual problems. The show dedicated an episode to different problems we have related to sleep.  There is an episode of purifying blood called Rakktani Suddhi Cheytaniki, where we know about how to regulate our blood to the healthy levels. Many ways in which one can prevent oneself from developing problems like diabetes, others, and how to grow a healthy lifestyle, diminish the pain and ultimately cure if you have one. Doctor along with the director has kept the overall show very simple and easily interactive so that the people can learn up a few tips and put it to work in their lives immediately.

The show is very informative as Doctor explains everything with the diagrams and his explanation is very clear. The show has a huge demand from patients from everyplace. The show happens for 6:00 to 6:30 a.m. Maa TV is a production of Star India, which is known for often providing interactive programs such as this (Maa means our in Telugu).


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