TV Serial Review : Chellame Chellam

  • Navneel Maji

It is a game show in which both children and parents could take part in many fun filled games.  The show came every Sunday so we can have some weekend fun with it. In the show, the parents are given the challenge to play with their kids and enjoy. We see who were more intelligent, parents or their children. The basic idea is the kids crave time with their parents who can get very busy at times, so it helps them to have an excuse to spend time with them and have fun. In the show both the parents come to the stage and the host first starts to some basic conversation with the parents, about their child and whether they play similar games or not with the child and then they take up the given challenge. May they are asked a question by their kid to which they are asked to answer. The child’s pre-recorded question is now displayed on the video monitor during the show and the parents, now in front of everyone, are asked to reply to the video and seen if it’s correct. Now there are two we can say, one who is talking with the parents on the stage and the other who are talking with the child. Both the hosts were very engaging and entertained the audience.  Parents get the points or lose them and based on that the final round happens.

Finally, at the end of the show, the families receive various gifts. The show ends with a fun dance sequence where other kids are wearing black come and they all dance to the end of the show. At the completion of the show, at the credits, we see the cut scenes where the children were spoken to get the questions, where we find funny interactions with the kids and thus each episode completes with an even amusing ending. The stage has also been set to give a fun feel to it and funny animation is always continuing in the video monitor. The stage is set so that the audience fill the entire circle along with the kids who are also present, watching how the parents perform and having fun. The show will make every one special, especially the young-ones in the show and ones watching to feel special and hence it’s very adorable fun show to relax with the kids on the weekends, with some chips in hand.


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