TV Serial Review : The Breaking Bad Season 5

  • Navneel Maji

The producers has split the season, to give more time for writing the final episodes, in two parts- both parts are eight episodes long that is premiered on AMC channel. The 8th episode is released on 2nd September 2012 and the 9th episode broadcasted on August 11 2013, almost a year gap. Each part being very successful, both of them winning Primetime award for outstanding drama series with Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul winning awards in their respective categories. This season happens to be the last of the show. The show has the highest aggregate rating on Metacritic, winning him a Guinness World record. Surely, it goes without saying -this season is great.

The series doesn’t waste a single moment in getting into the iconic White’s (Bryan Cranston) vibe of going any lengths to achieve his goal of getting money from his meth business leading to more murders, broken relationships, drug deals going wrong and heaps of money taking the business to next level. The fourth season ended with Walt (or Walter White) killing Gus Fringe with the help of Hector. In the beginning of this season he erases all the evidences leading him to the murder, and starts his own meth-cooking business. He is joined by Mike, with Jesse working as distributor and their first mission is to destroy Gus’s laptop, now held by police, which contained the footage of their previous crimes. The conflict between Walt and Skyler increases now that he is again getting involved. The business, whereas, takes even gruesome picture as Mike and Jesses, at one point, seeing the increase number of killings, decides to quit the business and sell all their shares. But, Walt is totally obsessed with making more money and refuses to sell the share joins his hand with Todd and ultimately kills Mike who didn’t help him in giving names of the Gus’s former employees. The show ends with Hank, his old time friend, finally making some connection between events, and concluding that Walt could be involved in it and was the godfather of meth business himself-the Heisenberg. Will Walt end up in jail with his so far unstoppable meth-cooking business coming to an end? Or not, we will see it in the next part.

Next part of the fifth season delves with Hank further investigating into Walt. On discovering this, Walt blackmails him to keep silence with some video about him and his wife in an appropriate situation talking about Meth; while safely storing all his obtained money at a remote reservation, at a place called To’hajilee. The story seems to move towards a happy ending but it’s too early into the second part to deduce that. Down the line Jesse discovers that it was Walt, who poisoned Brock, decides to take side against him and so sets him up while partnering with Hank, Gomez. This leads to many frightful consequences- Hank and Gomez dies, Walt loses most of the money. Now everyone knows Walt is the criminal and police are in search for him. What will he do now? Is there anything left for him? What about Jesse who is still under captive in Jack’s place? How will it all end? Is a good ending even possible for Walt?



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