TV Serial Review : Awwal Gulookar

  • Navneel Maji

Awwal Gulookar is Hindi/Urdu musical reality TV show on the Doordarshan channel.  The show started from 20 April 2014. Every episode is 55 minutes long. The director of the show is Tanveer Alam. Bobby Khan and Tauqueer Alam are the writers to the series. Bobby Khan is known Indian film dialogue writer. Naves Ahmad is the casting producer for the show. Jitendra Singh is the creative director of the show, which is very relevant in the artistic reality shows. The Trinity Production is doing the making, with DD Urdu as the distributor. The Show has received mixed reviews across the country. The show happened from Monday to Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

The stage looks like a typical musical reality show with judges at one side, band players at other side, the audience taking the background place and the contestants are at one corner. The show since it is in Urdu, there will be beautiful chivalry between the judges and the contestants, which we will like a lot. The intro visual is very cool- a picture of mike with ‘awwal gulookar’ written on it. It is a fast paced show, and the performers rapidly come on stage perform their numbers. The judges were very perceptive of their skills and gave them the constructive criticisms wherever they need it. After each performance, they gave them points for their act and put the piece of paper with points written on it with the name, inside the bowl. Both Hindi and the Urdu songs are included in the program. The show has a catchy title track- “Awwal Hai Sabhi Hum’- done by Kinnu Shukla, and Tauqeer Alam as the lyricist. One of the artists of the show is Arun Bakshi, who is a renowned Punjabi and Bhojpuri singer, has over 298 songs recorded to his name, and is a versatile actor with his performances in many movies and serials. The lighting and decoration are very attractive. The anchor of the show had very engaging and jolly personality and kept the show always moving forward. Every performer took the stage for about 5 minutes or so. They did not just sing the songs straight way as it is, but singers were free to do their own modulations- hence, we enjoy a wide range of type of songs with unique styles. If the contestants performed incredibly well, they got special prize at the end of their performance. Before the episode ends, all the contestants along with the judges get to the center of the stage and end the day enjoying with some songs.


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