TV Serial Review : Asathapovathu Yaaru

  • Navneel Maji

Asathapovathu Yaaru? Or “Who is going to impress?” is Tamil standup comedy show aired on Sun TV of the Sun Network production; their initially motive was to introduce the new comedians to the channel.  Each episode is 40-42 minutes of non-stop comedy.  It is a long time running show and aired weekly on Saturdays and then later changed to Sundays.  The main hosts of the show were Madhan Bob and Chitti Babu. They were there for a long time, only for a short while Chinni Jayanth and Pattimandram Raja were present in place of Chitti Babu.

Like any comedy show, the comedians performed their act from the center of the stage. They used all kinds of jokes and also sometimes give their acts or mimicry to entertain the guest. The audience of the show, sitting surrounding the stage, was also seemed to having a fun time. The intro animation of the show is very catchy and funny. The show also often has some notable chief guest called to show who also have fun. The show, for the better overall experience, has the background music provided by the musicians with their instruments from the background. The host of the show also enjoyed the show and kept the light mood throughout the show. After the show, all the judges gave their comments and criticisms of the show. Some performances include acting from different funny stereotypes like policemen, students, etc. The performers with their voice modulation for people from all sections of society from students to doctors to celebrity, none was spared. Sometimes they made some funny dance steps to engage their audience. Since the show happened throughout the year, the show had specials during different festivals throughout the year. At the end of the show the special guest is called to the stage and asked to give their review of the day and how were the different performances.  Not only with their performance had they entertained the audience, but their dressing sense regarding each act was equally amusing. Unlike some of the controversial comedy shows that we see today, this kept the level of humor at a reasonable level not adding any nonsensical mature content just to get the attraction. There were rounds where instead of single dual performances were also given. The show received a good reception from the audience because of which the show could run for such a long span of time.


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