TV Serial Review : Artoozka

  • Navneel Maji

The show presents different art and craft tips and advice. The audience will learn DIY show with many funny stories that the host presents along with his animated paper bag as his assistant. The spoken language is in Tamil, and the show is available on Chutti TV. Chutti TV is a kids channel in the Tamil language from the Sun TV Network from Chennai. The target audience of the show is mostly children from 3 to 14. Each episode is about half an hour long.

The show features many techniques like digital movies, silk-screened T-shirts and lamps made from oranges, fingerprint Art, etc. The show is aimed to attract the attention of 6-9 aged kids, reminding them with each scene that there is an artist in each of them. Each every household object- comic book, clay, foil, greeting card, etc. ; everything is turned into a piece of art and crafted into some interesting piece of art. With the help of different household which are otherwise is a waste, is used to make useful household objects and sometimes for fun we make animals and birds which children can play and have fun. It’s shown how easy it is to be creative. We make some gadgets and materials which we would otherwise buy from the markets, so there is economic value to the show as well. Not only that, but he also teaches some simple drawing tips to make otherwise complex diagrams.  The show has an interesting theme animation to pump up every child right at the start. Overall the show is for every child and elders who have retained their love for fun and art. At the end of the episode, the animated character “Paper Bag” finishes sweetly with his funny short little film. The show is similar to another show that was popular in Disney channel by the name Art Attack, but this one turns out to be more lively and engaging. Being only half an hour long, anyone can learn cool tips without wasting much of their time. Like any other DIY shows, each episode has no connection to the next so the viewer can switch to any of the episodes right now. The ability of the host, Jeremy to present those tips is worth mentioning. He tries to keep it engaging and lively which people will connect to, especially children. Overall it’s the combination of creativity, fun, deeply engaging and a favorite past show.


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