Turkey’s referendum equipped Erdogan with wider powers


World is not so stable as one wishes it to be, today’s volatility was all time higher since the disintegration of U.S.S.R. If you are so desperate to leave to any European country for your higher studies , or to secure employment , to travel. Then you need to pay some attention to the events that are happening around you.

What comes to your mind if I ask you about ” Turkey “. Well let me guess – beaches and Roman ruins of Antalya or historic monuments of Istanbul or even it’s unique dishes. But do you know what ? really something big happened in that country, which we never witnessed in our homeland. Yes, a military coup took place last year in Turkey. But it was foiled by it’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the aid of civilians.

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Since that event Erdogan became all powerful. He fired all his enemies within the government accusing them as conspirators and traitors. He called for a referendum in the country for granting more powers to president.

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This referendum took place last week and the result is finally out. It was nearly an unexpected one, where nearly 51% of the people voted in favor of “Yes”. As a result he was now armed with wider powers. Now it was to his discretion that any minister can be appointed or removed. It was a key country among NATO powers and also aspired for membership in European union(EU). However this referendum shifted the direction of sails permanently. Erdogan in his referendum campaign promised for the revival of “death penalty” in the country. If it’ll get granted in the future , then its EU bid will be terminated automatically.

It was likely that  a democratic and liberal country like Turkey would turn into a totalitarian regime  in the future, taking the present conditions into consideration.

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