Tubelight: India’s next Big Blockbuster ?


The much awaited Tubelight official teaser released on May 4, 2017. It left fans and the film fraternity complete awe of Salman Khan’s new look. It received immense love and praise.

Tubelight Poster

Salman Khan’s fandom is a phenomenon in itself.  This was proved when the film’s teaser became the first ever to cross 10 million views in less than 48 hours on YouTube! It is trending at the top spot on YouTube ever since its launch. It has crossed over 14 million views.

Tubelight is truly breaking records all thanks to the Salman Khan fans who make such milestones appear easy. This is only a teaser. The trailer is yet to come. We can only imagine the reception towards the launch of the trailer.

Salman Khan’s Tubelight is predicted by many as the film that might break Baahubali 2’s record spell at the box office.

Bahubali 2 vs Tubelight

An article by Samrudhi Ghosh for goes on to list out the reasons why Tubelight will be a bigger hit than Baahubali 2.

She lists out three reasons why Tubelight could emerge as the highest grossing Indian film of all time:

  1. Salman Khan and Kabir Khan’s collaborations have always struck box office gold
  2. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will share screen space
  3. Actress Zhu Zhu’s presence will attract Chinese cinegoers.

All the above reasons especially seeing Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan together on the big screen has the fans excited and impatient for the film’s release.

Salman Khan has been the Sultan who never failed to set cash registers ringing. With Salman’s Tubelight set to release this Eid, can the actor surpass the collections of Baahubali 2? After all EID has always seen Salman Khan films break records.

‘Tubelight’  is inspired by the Hollywood flick ‘Little Boy’, and is set against the backdrop of the 1962 indo-china conflict. . It is the story of a man-child on a mission to find his brother who goes missing during the Indo-China war.

Official poster of Little Boy and Tubelight

Tubelight is produced by Salma Khan & Salman Khan and directed by Kabir Khan. It stars Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu who makes her Bollywood debut with the film. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in a cameo. It has been revealed that the actor will be seen in magician’s role. The movie is slated to release in cinemas worldwide on the occasion of Eid.


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