Trump Made NATO Summit Worse Than Expected Part


In the annual summit of NATO going on Brussels Donald Trump not leaving any moment to slam the NATO European allies. He countlessly makes allegations on nations every aspect, it was expected that Trump will turn as the real troublemaker in the summit but it goes to so bad no one realized.

The summit he always has seen as an opportunity to discuss the issue and problems related to world security and peace, it also the occasions to resolve the differences and come close for friendship and creating solidarity, but this year summit getting opposite of this where Trump looking busier in doing to insult of other members, like he, throwing a generate of his allegations like American allies are taking advantage of the US, he attacked Germany by stating Germany as the “Captive of Russia. He also advised NATO allies to increase the defence budget and complete the previous budget commitment.

In his arguments, he wants to make NATO more strong but its something totally opposite hidden plan he carries out taking the United States out of NATO only that simply mean fall off out of NATO. He misleads and twisting the facts and using allegations to make his supporters back in the home understand that being a member of NATO is taking the advantage of US and in return, the US doesn’t get anything and it’s not good for country health.


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