When we are in college or any phase of life, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? Simple “Where are we going on the next holidays?”  The youngsters are always enthusiastic and start planning their vacation the moment that question is set off.

But what about our elders? As usual they start sulking specially the desi mothers where they have more of a tension of what to tell their maids and how to how to pack all the stuff in one suitcase even the other end is near to its tear off. And your father, he’s no way behind in sulking as he has to manage the expenses and also start off the double work from that moment on.  Looking at all of this, then the final question arises ‘Is travelling really that important?’

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Whenever you come across the endless scrolling on Facebook, how many have you seen a meme of planning to go to Goa but never ends up there, even when you are standing on the stage receiving your degree at your convocation ceremony? Almost everyone.

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According to the world’s happiness index which measures the overall happiness of the people in a particular country, it ranks our prestigious state on a very low rank of 118 out of the total 156 countries taken into consideration. Well what is stopping our country to be happy? Lack of TRAVELLING and taking all the other useless aspects into consideration and idolising them. Someone told me rightly ‘Life is all about choice, either you can live it or you can earn it’, and people of our country mostly try to earn it so that they can save it for their future endeavours.

But ask yourself that question first thing in the morning when you wake up ‘Who are you actually earning for, when deep inside that money is not creating a value that it needs to?’

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Just keep your work aside for a moment, take a deep breath and actually work on the decision to go to Goa that you took years ago with your college buddies. And why limit it to only Goa, why not the entire country and some day why not the entire world? After all this spirit has to start with Goa atleast and then climb the ladder. Life is a journey whose destiny is written by someone else but the path is left on your hands to shape it, frame it and make it blossom according to your decisions.

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One day sitting at a rocking chair outside your house, when you finally press the rewind button of your life you will be happy to look back at the beautiful moments spent with your friends and family travelling around different parts of the world and finally smile with satisfaction that you took the right decision in your life, to give it time to breathe and live it fully without sulking at small things. After all that’s what counts and cherished  the most.

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