Time travel is a concept that has fascinated not only scientists but people in general. The idea of being able to go back into the past or venture into the future has always been appealing. Many scientists believe that time travel is impossible. They believe that to be able to change the flow of time, must be able to move at the speed of light. This is physically impossible.

If one really does manage to travel back in time, theorists have come up with many possible outcomes of your actions. Take the Grandfather Paradox– You go back in time and kill your grandfather before your father is born. One possibility is that, since your grandfather is dead, you are never going to be born. If you were never born, then there’s none to kill your grandfather. So your grandfather lives and you are born anyway.

Time travels in the straight line though. In this case, the timeline becomes a circle, stuck in a paradoxical loop forever. In another possibility, timeline diverges into two. There exists two realities-one where your grandfather lives and you were born, and one where you killed him and you are an anomaly. You are stuck in the world where you killed your grandfather and have no way of going back to your own line.

If you go into the future, the world that you see probably exists simply because you went into the future. If you didn’t, then the world would probably be lot different. There may be time travellers from the future right now in our own time, but the time we just don’t know that they’re time travellers.

Time travel is considered to be DANGEROUS! Even the smallest change can create ripples which can drastically alter the world that you know. There is the example of that story where men from the future go back in time to period where civilization as such had not begun. One of the men ends up being killed by a bear. Another man, while being chased by the bear, accidentally kills a butterfly. When he went back to his own time, not even a single person knew him. Nobody spoke the current languages. The whole history was different. Simple because of one dead butterfly.

Most people don’t understand the implications of travelling through and distorting time, but it is actually really complicated and dangerous.



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