What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

travel makeup bag

Here and there, this and that…Traveling is one of the best experiences one could have in their life and you certainly want to look good when you travel all the beautiful places. Girls, before you get worked upon let’s give you an insight as to what you should carry in your makeup bag to keep you going through the day!

When you are touring it’s better to keep it minimalist. So If you want, you can carry some more to more polish out the look.

Here goes the jet-setters checklist of what to take along with you when you’re on the go:


It stands for Blemish Balm. A good BB Cream has an SPF 15 and is tinted. You could basically think that it pulls off both being as a foundation that provides light coverage and as a sunscreen. Ladies, that’s why it should go to your makeup bag. It is lightweight and doesn’t occupy much space.

Image Source: BB Cream


A concealer is a boon in disguise! IT helps you cover your bags, blemishes, and marks. It brightens up your face and makes it look healthy and flawless. Even if you don’t apply foundation and go for the concealer you are just ready to rock it, girl!

Image Source: Concealer


Your travel kit is incomplete with it and you couldn’t agree more to it! It cleanses off all the dirt, the makeup and keeps it healthy, glowing and young-ever. Moreover, if it has little exfoliating beads it helps you get rid of the dead cells. Hence, It is highly necessary that one invests in a good quality facial cleanser.

Image Source: Facial Cleanser


Rosy cheeks are never out of fashion! It makes your look complete and adds color to your face. Not only that, it helps you sculpt your face and adds dimension to it. Moreover, it’s multipurpose and works both as a lipstick and an eyeshadow. A blush with little shine also works as a highlighter. Therefore, This gives a perfect glow to your face.

Image Source: Blush


This is one makeup product that extends back to the Egyptian Era. It is a go-to makeup product for a girl who needs to pull off a good look quickly. This makes your lashes longer, darker and thicker. It instantly lifts up your lashes. Hence, Always invest in a smudge-proof and a water-proof mascara.

Image Source: Mascara



They are your lips’ best-friend. Trust me, when I say this. This is one thing you’d practically find at the bottom of every woman’s handbag. It helps you hydrate and soften the chapped lips. Fun fact! You could use it as a highlighter or an eyeshadow to give you the perfect dewy look.

Image Source: Lip Balm

So, Pack your bags girls and take over the world! And lastly, Don’t forget to get your hands on to your makeup essentials and rock the world!

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