Train 18 : India’s Fastest Train


Within  the last few years India has made a lot of advancements in the field of science and technology. Transportation, which is a very important part of the daily life of the millions of people living in the country is developing too. And good news regarding transportation comes from the railway sector which have revealed Train 18 is now officially the fastest train of India. Train 18 achieved this position after it exceeded the speed of 180kmph during a test run.

Below are some of the important and interesting facts about Train 18 :-

  1. Train 18 is India’s first engine-less train.
  2. Trails are still carried on regarding its technical aspects and if all goes well it may replace the Shatabdi Express soon.
  3. Train 18 has aerodynamically designed driver cabins at both ends so that no time is wasted on the changing of engines.
  4. It also has Regenerative braking system to save power.
  5. There are inter-connected, fully sealed gangways all through the train.
  6. It also has free wifi and GPS-based passenger information system.
  7. Train 18 also has modular toilets with bio-vacuum systems along with special toilets for the differently abled passengers.
  8. There are emergency talk-back units to contact train crew in case of any emergency.
  9. CCTVs are installed in all the coaches for security purposes.
  10. Approximately ₹100 crores were spent in engineering this train.
  11. According to the technicians it can pick up speed upto 200kmph.
  12. A total of 116 coaches are connected to Train 18.
  13. If all goes well we can expect to see this train running on the tracks from January 2019.


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