• Harshita Grover 


Bollywood is the nickname given to Indian film industry. The term ‘B’ comes from Bombay a big city in India. In recent lecture by Dolby Laboratories, San Francisco Chronicle senior film critic- Mick La Salle identified six qualities that make a great movie :

  • The movie is topical when new.
  • It embodies timeless human values.
  • It contains a great performance.
  • It has an overarching consciousness.
  • It contains at least one memorable scene.
  • It ends on a note of complexity, not just ambiguity.

There is a certain formula being adopted which is responsible for the success of a movie or a film. This formula is known as ‘Convention’ and ‘Invention’. The convention is a traditional ideology which involves certain values such as- Originality, Discipline, Truthfulness, Communication of themes, Depth of character, Provocation of the audience. The invention is related to creativity which involves certain ideas-Script, Character, Acting, Sound, Visuals, Innovation, and Pleasure. It is with the use of Convention-Invention formula by Indian cinema has achieved popularity and also enabled to communicate with an audience and highlight certain social issues. Hindi movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan depict the notion of heroism and feeling of patriotism in contrast to communal hatred and violence.

The title of the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan urges for the unification of different sections of people through the feeling of love, brotherhood, mutual coexistence irrespective of caste or religion based rigid divisions. Movies for instance-Mardani, Pink, Dangal, Begum Jaan were based on the idea of feminism and women empowerment. These movies on women issue prompted to ring the bell for effective regulation of women rights. Movies like-Jolly LLB, Nayak depicted the notion of political corruption and how such evil must be eradicated with positive use of power. According to Foucault, Power is everywhere and we just need to realize its presence and use it for the political, social, cultural and economic well being of society.

It shows how Indian cinema has helped to generate more public awareness by putting forward certain issues like corruption, patriarchy, communal hatred to make society more active, aware, clean and healthy by dusting away all such evils.


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