Top 5 Weird Jobs in the World we’d Wish to have in India !

courtesy- GirlDoesRant

It is totally unbelievable for us to think of some of the weirdest jobs in the world that are really paid for. We would think twice to inhibit these job titles in our Desh !!

1. Professional Snuggler — This profession allows a person who is undergoing any sort of mental issues to get snuggled by a professional, it helps the victim to generate the feel of warmth,happiness and the response of being welcomed. This job usually uplifts your mind and improves your mental health. One such professional snuggler being Jackie Samuel. ‘Out of sanskaar in our country ‘ — topic closed.

2. Human Bed Warmer — Oooohhh !!! Gross as it sounds but it’s really a helpful occupation. Many organisations, chains of hotels,motels, inn have such a provision. In this profession a person would sleep in the bed just to warm up the bed for the clients staying up there so they won’t feel cold while using the bed. Holiday Inn being one such hotel chain providing this service. Indian clients, we would call room service for an extra blanket,cheaper as it is !

Source- Holiday Inn

3. Mistress Discourager — Get paid for this job ? Yes ! This profession demands a candidate to woo a mistress out of an affair. It has already become a hot job in China. They are typically hired by wives or girlfriends who would like their man’s mistress out of their lives in a peace-loving way. Here in India we would rather skip and opt to jaadu-tona (black magic). Yeah !!

4. Panda Hugger — Wow! Is that for real ? Yes, One more job from China which has got a big place. You just need to spend whole span of the year with a panda…Yeah! Not just hugging a panda but share all of their emotions and support them mentally. Such a sweet profession. One can already feel the motherly warmth within themselves. That’s what the profession demands from one…and that too being paid for. Great…isn’t?!!! Do the people of India want to apply the same job for any creature out there? We should think of that !

5. Cow Fart Smeller — Yucks ! Really? Yes, it is for real. And what more, smell-write reports on the same. But again you get paid…So where’s the harm ! Urrgghh…Yes,no,yes no harm !!

All declarations are mentioned based on researches done by different sources.


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