Top Reasons Why Criticism Can Actually Be Good For You


All of us tend to run away from critical thinking it brings us down. Be it from elders or peers and it gets even more disturbing when it comes from people younger than us. But we often forget criticism is just a different take on the situation. It’s just a way of seeing things, from a point of an outsider. I will give you the reasons behind the criticism of being a good thing for us.


Positive criticism helps you grow and learn as a person. Sometimes it may sound harsh and make you feel not so high but it helps you learn about your defense mechanism towards the negative arguments too.

  • For someone to criticize you, it means that he/she cared. In today’s world, not everyone seems to care, the person could have used that time for something else but the fact that he paid enough attention by sending you that message shows some sense of care.
  • People wouldn’t criticize you if they didn’t think you were worth criticizing. Let’s be honest there is a lot of stuff going on in the world. But not everyone takes time to criticize the things he/she doesn’t agree with. Why? That’s because they don’t feel that those things are worth their critics at all. If someone is criticizing you, that probably means that there’s something about you that is worth his/her taking time to criticize.
  • Criticism lets you see things in a different light. Criticism arises as a result of a conflict in thoughts. You did/said something, someone else has a different opinion, and hence the criticism. Hence, whenever you receive a criticism, you are hearing from a different viewpoint—one which you might never have considered before.
  • Criticism is a form of honesty. (It lets you know what others truly think.) I actually prefer to be with someone who openly shares what he/she thinks that someone who thinks the same thoughts BUT keeps it to him/herself.
  • Criticism helps you to improve. Criticism lets you know about your blind spots so that you can work on them. The more blind spots you uncover about yourself, the faster you will grow.
  • Criticism helps you to learn more about others. Every criticism tells you something about yourself and the other person. By breaking down the comment, you can understand the critic’s perspective, his/her beliefs, and his/her values.
  • Criticism sometimes jolts you into action. Ever had a situation where a criticism kicked you into action? Yeah, I had that before too. Sometimes, criticism provides that wake-up call that you have been missing. A well-timed criticism, delivered in an appropriate manner, can sometimes provide a much-needed insight which then ignites you into action.


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