Top Cop Himanshu Roy Commits Suicide


Himanshu Roy, one of the top cops of the Indian Police force, an IPS officer of the Maharashtra Cadre of 1988 batch had many feathers of achievements attached to his cap. Born in 1963, he was the alumunus of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and was the Additional Director General of Police of Maharashtra (ESTABLISHMENT).

During his service life spanning over 15 years, he was associated with a number of high – profile and sensitive cases. He was joint commissioner, crime, from 2010 to 2014 and during this period Roy led the investigation into the IPL betting scandal and the murders of Laila Khan and five of her relatives at the family’s Igatpuri house. Some other important cases of Roy includes the firing on Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar’s driver Arif Bael, Journalist J Dey murder case, the post-Babri Masjid demolition riots, the double murder case involving Vijay Palande, and murder of law graduate Pallavi Purkhayasta.

His last major case was in 2013 where investigations into the IPL match-fixing racked led to the arrest of Bindra Dara Singh. He is also credited with setting up Mumbai’s first Cyber Crime Cell, anti-dacoity measures in rural Maharashtra and the women’s cell. He was also a part of the team which pursued leads related to American-born Lashkar-e-Tayyaba terrorist David Headley. After Crime Branch, he also served a brief stain on the state’s Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS).

According to reports, Roy has been suffering from cancer from the last two years and was on medical leave. The acute pains caused by cancer forced him to be under medication. He had seven more years of his service life left.

The news of Himanshu Roy committing suicide came as a shock for the entire state of Maharashtra as no one could foresee a person as distinguished and brave as him giving up on the battle for life and choosing the shortcut to end all pains through suicide. Roy is said to have committed suicide at his own house by shooting himself with his service revolver at around 1.40 PM today, the 11th of May, 2018. But according to IBN News, he committed suicide using his private licensed revolver at 12.40 PM. The real face is yet to be known. He was taken to the Bombay Hospital but was later declared dead.

The Mumbai police have recently discovered his suicide note which states that he alone is responsible for his death and no one else. Although at the first glance it seems like an open – and – shut case of suicide, investigation is going on to affirm the claim. But looking at his life and career it is hard to believe that Roy would choose the easy way out.

Here is a scanned copy of his suicide note –

Some say that he was going through depression too. And looking at his years of action and intense activity, it may have been true because inactivity and absence of the rush can push people into depression. He also is said to have had a spat with the higher authorities when he and some of his colleagues wrote to the Maharashtra Home Department about the poor treatment by seniors and favouritism in transfers, some months prior to his medical level. After this, he was sidelined ( which can be seen as an equivalent of demotion) and moved to the role of additional director general in charge of police (Housing). This may have also been a cause of his depression.

Even though the first suspension is of suicide, we will know the actual truth only once the investigation is complete. The police are still trying to unearth the truth and find out if there are any hidden mysteries associated with the case. But I hope that the truth is discovered sooner than later because such a great person deserves his own share of justice. Till the whole matter comes to rest we can only offer our condolences to the departed soul’s grieving family and pray that may his soul rest peace.

A courageous dying of suicide? – The mind does not accept it!


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