Tired of eating in those conventional restaurants? Then, you should definitely try these 9 unique, different out of the box restaurants. So, next time you step out to eat, do try to visit at least some of them.

  • Nature’s Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad

 It is India’s first ever toilet-themed restaurant. This cafe invites customers to sit on the lavatories instead of chairs while they dine. Exciting, isn’t it? The cafe has a toilet garden which is proud having of more than twenty lavatories and urinals. It is located next to Sabarmati Ashram. It spreads the message that toilets are very important for the development of the country.

  • Dialogue in the Dark, Hyderabad

Located in the Inorbit mall, this restaurant is covered by absolute darkness. There are three options of meals offered: a lower priced option, a mid-range one and the full deal with everything. The food will come in exactly 9 minutes. Quick, isn’t it? Your mobile phones, watches, everything that could produce or reflect light will be taken away. So, literally, it will be “dialogue in the dark” and not mere scrolling on the phones.

  • IIFA Buzz, Gurgaon

 Any Bollywood fans here? This one is for you. This restaurant has its inspiration from the famous Bollywood award show IIFA. This is a complete Bollywood experience.

  • 21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

    Summers are coming. Want to eat while beating the scorching heat?  Go to this restaurant and feel the ice. Yup, you heard it right!    This is India’s first ice bar and restaurant. It maintains 6 degree Celsius temperature throughout the year.  And bar has everything made of ice, including glasses for drinks, even curtains. You just have to wear oversized coats, moon boots and gloves provided to you before you enter in this chilling restaurant and bar.

  •    Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum

  This unique restaurant located in the village Veli of Kerala is in the middle of the lake. Here, they prepare fresh food with local produce.  Also, one has to cross the floating bridges to reach the restaurant.

  •   Tihar Food Court, Delhi

There is nothing much uncommon about this restaurant, except for the employees, which are murderers. LOL! Don’t believe it? Yes, prisoners cook the food and serve it to the customers. Each worker is paid Rs. 74 per day. And also the revenue earned is used for the purpose of vocational training of the prisoners. So, next time you can eat and also help the jailers at the same time. Cool, isn’t it?

  •  Seva Café, Ahmedabad

You will eat and someone else will pay your bills! Amazed? But it’s true. Known as “Pay-it-forward Café”, the café serves a bill of Rs.0/- to the guests after their meal is over it’s just a little folder which says, ‘Pay from your heart’. People pay by their generosity whatever they want to. So, next time you go there to eat you will find someone already paid for your food. This café brings together humanity.

  •   Nasa, Bangalore

A unique pub with space experience. It is not working anymore but then it surely deserves much recognition. The waiters at this pub wore spacesuits and looked like astronauts. The whole pub was covered in the neon-blue light which gave the customers a feel of as they are in some other world.

  •   New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

  You are having dinner amidst the dead. Scared? Don’t be! There are graves and the restaurant is set up the around them so that they are not disturbed! The coffins are the remnants of a Muslim cemetery. The owner of the restaurant believes that the graves bring him good luck. Strange!

You must visit at least some of these once for a lifetime experience.

Happy eating!


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