Top 5 Tips To Be The Smartest Student In Class

top tips to be the smartest student

1.Listen during the class: Don’t just hear , but pay attention and listen during the class.It is quite essential because , mostly teachers try to test students based on their listening and memory power. They tend to get impressed by your answers to such questions which could have been answered only by students who have not just heard but listened to the class.

Who knows… this might give you an edge over the other students and you might even get the chance to work under his /her guidance in a project next summer… The possibilities are endless.:P
2.Do some research: It might be boring to revise what you have just been taught, but you might end up loving the subject if only you could research on it a bit…Watch your favourite youtuber teaching you the subject you hate the most and you will end up loving the subject and being the most prominent in your class.

3.Teach more to learn more: Have you observed people who try to keep the knowledge to themselves never grow much?? It’s so because they never realize how much of it they remember. It’s a scientific fact that writing keeps you remember things than that of just reading and teaching what is just learnt can help you remember it throughout your life…Try it. (It sure did work for me..:P)

4.Make it look simple: Prepare notes and flowcharts of an entire unit in a pin page so that you can get the jist of the entire unit within a few minutes building up your confidence..

5.Keep calm,it’s just an exam:One last tip. Stay calm during the exam ,because it’s already too late to do anything so go with the flow and hope for the best.If you follow the above steps sincerely I’m sure you will be the best…Good Luck!



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