Top 5 Bizarre Indian YouTubers

  1. Indian YouTuber Priyanka

Indian YouTuber Priyanka vlogs about her daily life in Kanpur. From the little things that made her happy that day to what she’s cooking for her husband, Bharat, the channel relentlessly churns out perfect fodder for a voyeur. Amateur camera work and editing completely sideline the amazing titles of her videos, such as Dekhiye ye meri car mang rhe hai and Itna Tyaar Hui Sajj Dhajj K Aayi Aur Ye Mujhe Dekhna Nahin Chahte to name a few. The channel is not so much bizarre as it is lame. But considering that the content has got the attention of 217,059 loyal followers, it sure is bizarre.

  1. Venu Mallesh

With only 48,120 subscribers, Venu Mallesh’s YouTube channel may not be the most popular but it definitely gets the bizarreness vote. His song, It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do is one of the most hated YouTube songs and has close to 17 million views on YouTube. The song is so terrible and lame but you just can’t stop singing it, making you hate yourself.  If you want to double up on that hate, go listen to his latest artwork, Baby Girl. It really is a masterpiece.

  1. CarryMinati

Less commonly known as Ajey Nagar, Carry Minati shot to fame when he uploaded a roast of the popular YouTuber, BB Ki Vines. After this he went on to create many more roasts and rants, boosting his subscriber base to a current total of 4,659,052. The unusually astonishing tone of commentary and ridiculous editing style that he employs give his videos the quirk factor.

  1. Dhinchak Pooja

This Delhi girl needs no introduction because her reputation precedes her Swag Wali Style. With 432,727 subscribers it’s almost crazy to state this but her channel houses some of the most hated songs an Indian Youtuber has ever made. You’ll either love her or hate her; there’s really no in between. We can only hope she gives up someday, soon.

  1. IamRocker

Take creepy omniscient music, realistic audio of creaking doors and footsteps. Now throw in animated visuals and childlike narration of a horror story, and you have IamRocker. The channel narrates horror stories in Hindi and has 507,544 subscribers. The low production value videos actually manage to incite unsettling feelings and have you ready to jump at the hint of a sound, making this channel the most bizarre one out there.


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