Top 10 Night beauty tips for glowig face
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In the everyday hustle bustle, you suddenly stare in the mirror and realise how cruel you were with your beautiful face as you always have it a back seat…!
So here are some home remedies which can help you to regain your elegant face and feel beautiful !
Below mentioned are 7 natural remedies by means of which you can achieve a flawless face in minimum time..
To remove suntan use Besan (gram flour)
In the routine there is a normal suntan to each one of us.. to detach it from your skin mix one tablespoon of besan with two tablespoons of curd and apply on your face for some time.Allow it to dry and wash it with cold water for fair face.
Top 10 Night beauty tips for glowig face
To maintain oily skin use Tomato
Tomato is a common and easily accessible ingredient to separate oil from your skin.. tomato having citric acid helps in maintaining proper oil balance and cooling the skin.
Prepare a tomato pulp and assign it to your face after sometime rinse it with warm water for pretty face.
tomato face pack
To accomplish white complexion try Honey and Lemon
Take honey and lemon in same proportion and apply the paste on your face for one hour. Splash it with cold water and get a natural white completion overnight.
To increase glow use Multani Mitti
It has the property to remove dead and damaged skin. Immerse the natural soil in water for 24 hrs and bit the paste on your face and allow it to dry. Avoid excessive drying. Then wipe it with water and get a mesmerizing skin.
multani mitti pack
To remove Blackheads use Baking Soda
As it is an amphoteric & anti inflammatory substance it neutralize any imbalance of pH on skin. Make a past by mixing it with water and apply on the face for few minutes. As it gets dried scour it with water and discover a clear skin.
To get a smooth skin use Green Tea
Boil green tea and allow it to dry then apply it on the skin for some time as it will diminish irritation and bacterial infection from your skin. Scour it with water.
green tea face pack
Get rid of Dark Circle by application of Raw Potato
Grate raw potato and extract its juice. Collect it in cotton ball and place it over your closed eyes. Make sure that the juice covers dark circles under your eyes as well as eyelids. After removal you yourself will get attracted to your eyes. Clean your face with water.
potato face pack
For detachment of Acne Scars use Aloevera
Take an aloe vera leaf and peel the outer covering of it and you will discover a translucent gel. Apply it on your face for some time and wash it with water. It is one of the best remedy
for healthy skin.
To get Pink Lips use Berry Mixture
Raspberries and strawberries provide great help for solving problem related to dark lips.
Make a paste of berries and mix it with some aloe vera juice and pour some honey in it. Apply this for 5 minutes and clean it . Berry have vital vitamins and minerals which aid in getting soft pink lips.


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