To fight Global Warming, Scientists have new Plan : Dimming the Sun


With a new and ingenious way of fighting global warming, Scientist quenched a new plan to pause via using chemicals to blot out the sun. scientists from Harvard and Yale have surmised. The researchers recently published a study in Environmental Research Letters which says that spraying large amounts of sulfate particles into the Earth’s lower stratosphere in order to literally dim out the sun could cut the effects of global climate change in half.

In another hand, It must be cheap. We all know about the result of Global Warming. We are facing a lot of problems and We will face in the future as well. With all the excitement over the “hypothetical” and “highly uncertain and ambitious” plan, there are no guarantees that it will not actually make things worse in a catastrophic sort of way. There is a suspicious lack of information about what ‘dimming the sun’ could possibly do to those of us who rely on it for basic things – like growing food, or not freezing to death.

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Anyway, what happened in this process. This will be known by us because we are living in the Global World then Wait till date.



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