How Tinder Fucked up his Life for a Second !


Besides Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms Tinder is widely used by public to meet their soul mates. In-spite of hectic and busy schedule today’s youth spare a lot of time to find their beloved ones on Tinder.


Anuj is an Indian-American who is residing in New York .Anuj, too used to spend a lot of time looking out for his perfect partner. Finally he found one whose name is Jane. Anuj is working as a software employ in one of the reputed companies. Jane told him that she is also a software engineer. Anuj thought that she was born for her. They never met each other but continued their relationship through texts and calls for nearly 3 months.


At last the much awaited day arrived, and it was a really big one to Anuj. He was invited by Jane to her flat for Dinner, to which he happily agreed and decided to pay a visit to her home. Anuj was told that she was living with her parents, so he took along with him Champagne and some Chocolates to gift.

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He reached her apartment and tried to make call to her, but to his gosh phone was dead. At one moment he thought that to be a bad omen and found something fishy by looking around the neighborhood. His anxiety to meet Jane set that off and made his way to her flat. He knocked the door, a guy with boxers opened the door. For a second Anuj got blanked, but later thought that he might be Jane’s cousin. Anuj told that he came to meet Jane; he was guided to Jane’s room.


Anuj slowly entered Jane’s room and saw Jane working on her Laptop. Both of them got excited to see each other. Anuj took his seat and both of them started their conversation. Suddenly Jane came towards him and started kissing him, to which he positively responded. They both continued to kiss each other, in between Jane went out multiple times to answer the guy with boxers. All of a sudden she came into the room and told him “I want you to fuck me right now”, Anuj got blanked again. He never knew Jane was that fast and hesitated to proceed. And then the guy with boxers entered the room naked along with a camera in his hand and told to Anuj “Are you ready for threesome and really I’m gonna fuck you to the hell”. Anuj thought he was ended in a wrong place and took no further time, he ran away from there. He never opened Tinder again for four months.



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