Each time the Sitcom FRIENDS taught us Something about Life!


Every time someone speaks out about how much they love the sitcom FRIENDS, I scream in agreement, like “I KNOW!”

The last episode aired around two decades ago and people still can’t get over it. For the lovers of FRIENDS out there, like me :P(Y’all know it’s the BEST!), we are aware of Chandler Bing’s Sarcasm and Joey being so adorable. We loved Phoebe’s quirkiness, with Rachel’s crushes, Thanksgiving at Monica’s and poor Ross with his divorces.

But it was not only about the fun times they gave us. It was also about some serious life lessons we got.  Let’s recall them all in here.

  1. Times when Joey and Chandler gave us MAJOR BFF goals.

We love them because they were funny, but also because they stuck to each other when it came for helping anyone of them. Be it Joey leaving Kathy just when he knew Chandler liked her as well, or the time when Chandler included a special Joey room when he was about to move out with Monica. They were the ones to teach us the actual essence of friendship.


  1. Phoebe being so Generous. (And cute, of course!)

I think we all know how Phoebe agreed to give birth to the children of his brother being a surrogate. She knew she suffered in her childhood without parents, and now when she got a chance, she agreed. Also, can we talk about how she named one of the kids as Chandler 🙂

  1. Times when Ross gave up his choices for Rachel (like literally)

Whether he was jealous at times and insecure too, he never really stopped taking care of Rachel. Even when Rachel got pregnant with his child, she told him to give up dating,(which was stupid, of course) and the man did. Be it his rejection in Prom, or not dating Rachel’s sister which made Rachel insecure, he always looked out for her. Thank you for making us believe that guys like Ross are still there


  1. My favorite has to Chandler and Monica being together and showing us beautifully how best friends can be in love and make in successful. They were best friends, they fell in love accidentally and it turned out to be the best decision ever. We love them for showing us hoe mature relationships work out in the most beautiful way if you are best friends with each other.


  1. The Women in FRIENDS. One of the most hardly noticed thing in FRIENDS has to be how each one of the ladies in our favorite sitcom showed the phases of being a woman. Rachel becoming a brave, independent single mother. Monica finally getting her twins, which she couldn’t conceive yet she adopted and made them her own and Phoebe giving birth to his brother’s triplets, knowing that she won’t be able to keep them. Each one of them show hoe strong and brave woman can be.

Could there BE any other reason to not love and adore FRIENDS?!  I’m sure most of us relate to at least one of these characters and equally love them all.

For now we all can not only be Die hard fans but can also know about these deep lessons the sitcom gave us to cherish.

Till then



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