Is it time for MS Dhoni to Retire?

  • Nachiket Chavan

Mahendra Singh Dhoni the name may not strike fear as it used to, he may not score runs as freely as he used to but he is still the wicketkeeper-batsman India has when it comes to limited over format.

In 29 ODI’s [22 Inns] he scored 788 runs at an average of 60.62 and  strike rate of 84.73, amazing stats for a person who is supposed to be near retirement age. These runs include 6 fifties and 1 hundred. But what stands out is the fact he is not out for 9 of those innings, simply finishing the game he is known for.

One should not forget his contribution as keeper with 39 dismissals and his valuable inputs to Virat Kohli and his near perfection when it comes to DRS. We consider all this and can draw a simple conclusion, MS Dhoni- India’s keeper for 2019 World Cup.

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