Time-A changing in music world

  • Surbhi Jain

Music is something that every person has his or her own specific opinion about. Different
people have different taste, and various types of music have many ways of leaving an
impact on someone. The genre can be relaxing, chill, energizing and more. There are so
many pieces of music out today like JAZZ, RAP, ROCK, CLASSICAL, ETC.

If we talk about INDIAN MUSIC, which has witnessed a lot of change in regard to its style.
Gone are the times when people used to listen to classical music or ghazals and it is with the
introduction of the POP, ROCK and WESTERN FUSION. Indian Music has become a lot more contemporary. Music used to be reasonable and inspiring, forging brotherhood, positive values, and standards. On the contrary, presently, music is mostly impulsive, selling the wrong perception of love, ridden with corrupt values, and produced mainly for fame and fortune.

It is a strong belief among our elders that Indian novel music is highly influenced by western flavors where the essence of ragas is completely missing. The trendy music doesn’t even follow the classical notes; hence don’t hold a chance to be hummed for decades. Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar in an interview said that old film songs survive and are loved even today because they were based on Indian ragas – they were Indian in flavor. But film songs today are the West and therefore cannot stand the test of time. Many old stars from Indian music industry even insist on returning back to the roots. Here you may wonder, is it a valid argument or an emotional drive?

In today’s Time, many of the lyrics have no real depth to them anymore. Lots of mainstream artists don’t even write their own music. The music is repetitive and the lyrics sometimes involves swearing and some typical thought that every song has to be about love, falling in love, being in love, something having to do with love.


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