Three Gifts That Will Make Them Miss You

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So, summer’s  almost here and that signals the end of the academic year. And the end of the academic year most prominently implies one thing : Seperation. For all those who haven’t been a part of this academic process (or those who have forgotten the subtle changes that seasons bring to the academic year), allow me to remind you that the summer brings about separation, separation from your teachers (some of whom you absolutely adored and some whose very face brought about feelings of disgust) friends who became family, classmates who wished you a good morning every day, that one guy whose ego is the size of a continent, that girl you hate for her attitude, that girl whose fashion sense you absolutely worship and that one guy who you got paired with for chemistry lab.  While some part in the summer to meet again the next monsoon, some part to never meet again. The point is, we part from people we know. And everyone (in the deepest recesses of their heart) wishes that this separation does not result in them being forgotten.

Admit it, guys, who doesn’t like a bit of extra attention after all? So, if you want to give awesome gifts which will make sure that you stay in the gift receiver’s mind for a long, long time, read on to find three gifts that will make them miss you.

Pet: As they say, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Well, I believe that the feeling extends to all sorts of pets. And therefore, pets are an excellent choice to gift, be it to a close friend or an acquaintance. Pets are living beings, which gives them an added advantage of being company to the person who receives them as a gift. They’re a comfort in your sadness, a delight in your happiness, a soother in your anger, a partner in your crime and a magic in your madness. And every time they see the pet, they’re sure to remember you (and what’s more, I’m pretty sure their heart will fill with warmth at the thought). But before you go ahead and fly to the skies with this idea, make sure they’re ready to take up the responsibility of another living being, because nothing’s as off-putting as an unwanted responsibility.

Photos: While the gifting of a pet to someone might require parental consent (Believe me, the moment you propose the idea of a pet, chances are that your father will say, “And who will take care of the pet? You can barely take care of yourself and now you want to take the responsibility of a dog, haan?” while your mother would be like, “There will be no pets in this house. Either the pet stays in the house or I stay in the house.”), there are other gifts that might be more convenient to present. One obvious option is to gift photos. You could choose photos of the both of you together or photos of you both with a bunch of friends, regardless of who is there in the photo, they always bring nostalgia.

Memories: While all gifts might give instant joy, this joy is often fleeting and loses its flavor with time. What stays forever are memories. It doesn’t matter if the memories bring a light up the person’s face with a smile or dampen their cheeks with tears, they will always be there. A gift might wear away with time, but a memory stays in the heart forever. So, spend some time with the people you care about, go out, commit stupid mistakes and make majorly downhill decisions. At the end of the day, you won’t remember all those classes where obediently sat and took down notes, but that one time when walked halfway through the city simply because you wanted to eat pizza.

After all that is said and done, remember that gifts are just a means to show your feelings. And the means should never be more important than the end, so make sure, gifts or not, you tell people how much you care about them.



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