Thoughts We All Have


There is always something common about every human being that does not change with the change in their geographical, financial, family or living status. This common factor that I am talking about is thoughts!… Yes! we, all the human beings do have a few thoughts that are common amongst all the members of the Homo sapien species. Not just thoughts, in fact, our genetics is entirely similar to an extent of above 90%. Each and every human being, with almost all the traits, looks and habits poles apart do resemble each other to such a great extent.

You can now surely imagine what could be the level of commonness amongst their thoughts. Today, I have taken this time to pen down a few thought that we all have. I shall first start up with describing the thoughts that we have before we sleep. Almost everyone of us have a habit of recalling all the major events of the day, plan the next day or have various other kinds of thoughts before we are off to sleep. Some of us are also habitual of recalling and reliving a few moments again and again. These are a few most prevelant thoughts that we all have before we are off to sleep.

  • Regret about why did I not do/say this- just as our head comes into contact with our pillow, we start recalling the day that just passed, and we obviously regret not performing or reacting a certain way. Some of us also replay the event and relive the character that we played and try to perform better.
  • Sleepless nights over money loss- we atleast once in a week lie down and count on our savings and realise having very little bucks in our hands. We than follow our instinct and promise ourselves, of being careful with the money in our hands.
  • Phobia/ fears- we also sometimes, think about all our fears and end up feeling scared and losing ourselves into sleep.
  • Nothing is dangerous to man more than a regret, some of also are habitual of thinking of the cosy moments spent with our partner and end up regretting not taking a step ahead in a particular direction.
  • The fantasy life – this is the most common thought that we all have before we sleep. Almost every one of us plans our future actions to accomplish a particular goal. We also spend hours fantasizing the events for our fantasy or dream life.

Now, lets take a look at what kind lf thoughts we have when we are on a public transport medium.

  • You are sitting on a seat and the one beside you is left vacant. And then comes a wierdo who enters the vehicle and aims at sitting on the seat beside you. And you just keep praying more than thinking that he does not sit beside you.
  • Despite traveller of the same passage for years, one thought that you will always have everytime that you travel by, is, am I there now…?
  • You’ll also again look at the buildings and posters that you have been seeing for years and wonder whats new that your eyes have failed to take notice of.

These two instances are just among a few where we have common thoughts. There are almost more hundreds of incidents where human beings do not differ in their thoughts. These incidents could range from the suspense by them on your birthday to the one when your car breaks down to your menstrual cycle to the time when you serving someone the food cooked by you.


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