This Video Of Kashmiri Apple Farmer Will Shock You For Sure!


On November 3, Kashmir encountered the season’s first snowfall much to the joy of those meeting the Valley. Be that as it may, the early snowfall has gravely influenced the products of the oil business.

The All India Kisan Sabha, which professes to be India’s biggest labourer association, featured the gigantic misfortunes endured by agriculturists by sharing an awful video of a youthful Kashmiri rancher lamenting the loss of his harvest.

As indicated by Sheik Aashiq Ahmad, leader of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), the misfortune to the business is more than 500 crore.

The video has left numerous netizens to disturb. While some spoke about the huge misfortune ranchers look because of such circumstances, others requested a quick pay for the individuals who have been influenced by the precipitation.



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