Things You Shouldn’t Do While Giving An Interview


An interview can be explained as a platform where one gets an opportunity to prove and present there potential and capabilities. Hence it is of utmost importance for an individual to be aware of the interview do’s and don’ts.In today’s fast-moving world we often forget the basic manners and ethics that one must possess during a formal one to one talk, for example, an interview. We also know that in today’s competitive world the first impression can surely become the last impression. Also the fact that interviews play a major role to be a part of any organisation and most of the job sectors, calls for the necessity of knowing the don’ts during an interview.

Thereby it is a must for an individual to know the don’ts during an interview. Some of the basic don’ts are as follows :

  • Punctuality plays an important role in any field and so does here. DON’t be late. In fact, plan to be early for any scheduled interview. Being late for an interview would surely make the interviewer think how prompt you might be after you start to work or be a part of the organization.

  • Don’t sit down until you are asked to.
  • Body language holds a major role in anyone to one talk. During an interview sit erect and do not lean. Do not keep adjusting your clothes and fiddling your hair. Also, do not show your nervousness.

  • Don’t pick up anything from the recruiter’s desk unless you are invited to do so.
  • One need not be over interactive and dominating in a conversation. Answer the questions thoroughly, but drone on forever.

  • Don’t ever Interrupt. It is inexcusable in an interviewing situation. If one has a point to be raised or to be talked on he/she may wait for the interviewer to first complete their point of view and then allow the fellow to speak.

  • Don’t use slang at all. Also, don’t gush. You can be pleasant without being syrupy.
  • Don’t slip into a speech making or preaching tone of voice. You are not on a Senate floor. You are in a conversation.
  • Do not lie about anything. If caught by any means, that would surely result at the end of the interview.

Hence these are the certain tips that one should follow for a successful interview session.


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