Things We Do During Exams?

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If you have been through a normal system of education, chances are that you would know what exams are. And well, if you don’t let me sum it up for you. Exams are special chunks of time wherein you face rapid premature contractions, complete emptying of your brains, accompanied by high amounts of drowsiness. And at some point of time or other (usually at all points of time) we’ve all been guilty of exhibiting the following behaviour.

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Sleep: Remember those times when your grandmother used to say that eight hours of sleep every night is essential for the normal functioning of you body? Well, it seems like we seem to take this a step further during our exams and it seems very natural to feel sleepy every time you open your book.

Why: As they say, “Sleeping is nice. You forget about everything for a while.” And with so much to study, it seems nice to just forget your worries about failure.

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Create: Exams are the times when your creative juices go on an overdrive. One moment, you’re studying the laws of physics and the next, you’re writing down a thousand page novel. Well, it might not be so dramatic, creativity might be as simple as hundreds of doodles on your math textbook.

Why: Your brain probably needs a break after the hours of boring torture you’ve put it through.

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Clean: Well, we’ve all had moments when our rooms look like a pigsty. And then, there are days (during exams) when we suddenly become the epitome of OCD. You scrub the floors, wash the linen, clean your shelves and still have enough energy to repeat the whole process at the sight of a single stain.

Why: When you’re working on these mindless, automatic tasks, your brain has less work to do. With all the studying, analyzing and worrying you’re putting it through, your brain sure is in desperate need to rest.

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So, if you’re going through the seemingly inescapable trap of these meaningless activities, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

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