1. Promise me that if his love feels like forest fire , you’ll run. Promise me you will be braver than I was , you’ll run and not look back. 
  2. Promise me that you will go straight to your house and pack your bags , just enough things to survive , carry light weight for the heavy already burns on your chest. 
  3. Don’t stop on the way for gas or water, your thoughts are like matches even a single stop can ignite your mind into flames. 
  4. Promise me you’ll never look at the dancing flames on the rearview mirror, you’ll drive as fast as you can and will never again breathe the burnt air. 
  5. Seek shelter in forgotten and far away cities, paint the walls of your house with all that love you keep within yourself, tape the ceiling with all the letters  you keep swallowed in your throat. Glue the patches in your curtains with your unshed tears. Promise me you’ll build a home for yourself , by yourself.
  6. Find yourself books in skin and bones and press on your stories on these uncharted hips , whisper his name between your kisses , extract all thje pain until you can no more feel his fingers on yourself. Loose yourself in strangers until you loose his name.
  7. Promise me you’ll try , swear on me you’ll try,  walk till you run and don’t look back ( cause I never learnt to walk with my eyes in front  without getting burnt, I was ever not taught  how to run without falling) and you see for here I am now, thinking of smoke and all things dark, promise me you’ll run. 
  8. If his love kills more than it saves , pinches more than it soothes , confines more than it frees , burns more than it stills. If his love simply just hurts more than it heals then promise me , promise me you’ll run, you’ll seek air that you won’t drown in your own thirst. Promise me for once , just for once that you’ll run and before saving anyone else you’ll save yourself first.


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