Things to Remember this Exam Season

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Winter is slowly fading away, the fog is clearing and spring is finally here. You know what else is here? Exams. Those never-ending days when time stands still and staring at walls and day-dreaming seems like the most interesting thing ever. If you’re in school or college, a geek or a rebel, you probably want to fast forward this month to the next so you don’t have to worry about exams. Since you can’t do that here are some tips to help you cope with exams.

  1. Remember exams don’t decide your future. Contrary to what your parents tell you, there is no guarantee that a topper will become a billionaire CEO and someone who gets average marks will end up unemployed for the rest of his/her life. As you’ve probably heard, a lot of college dropouts have actually done quite well for themselves. This does not mean that you should dropout.
  2. Exams don’t define who you are as a person. Your personality does. Let’s stop labeling people on the basis of the marks they get.
  3. Believe me when I say this, no one and I mean NO ONE, not even you, will remember the marks you get 5 years later.
  4. As years pass by the importance that you and others give to exams will fade away.
  5. Your parents love you no matter what. They might be disappointed or angry now but it doesn’t mean they love you any less so chill.
  6. Work hard but don’t succumb to society’s pressure.
  7. Do the best you can. Everyone is different. You don’t have to be like someone else.
  8. As long as you are able to take care of yourself properly you’ll be happy and your parents will be happy too.
  9. Look at it from a positive side. You don’t have to help around the house during your exams.
  10. Everything will be fine.


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