Things to do with your mom this Mother’s Day !


It’s Mother’s Day. That time of the year when we tell our moms how much we appreciate and love them. Surely we give them cards, flowers and gifts to show them that they are appreciated and cherished. But trust me when i say what they would really love for you to do is spend some quality time with them. So here’s a list of some fun activities which you can do with your mom.

  • Go shopping together.

You cannot find a more supporting and honest shopping partner.

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  • Raid her wardrobe for her treasured sarees

Your mother most probably has an envious saree collection. She wears the nine yards with perfect ease and grace. You look at her in awe and wonder if you would ever be able to replicate it. This Mother’s day take some time out to learn the tricks from her.

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  • Rustle up a meal

Ask her to teach you some of her favorite recipes.

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  • Listen to each other’s choice of music

Most probably both of you would have very diverse music interests. Take an initiative to learn about each other’s taste in music. May be you would be introduced to another genre which would end up being your favorite.

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  • Try a new hobby together.

It never too late to start learning something new. It could be a new hobby or a new language.

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  • Do Karaoke

Sing and dance to your favorite songs together.These could include your childhood favorites. It would bring back many memories.

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  • Take her out on a surprise drive

You both could go out on a drive together and probably stop at the favorite ice cream parlor or the pani puri stall.

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Here were a list of few activities to do with your mom. You need not limit yourself to doing these activities for Mother’s Day. You could spend time doing these activities all year round. It would show your mom that you appreciate her all year round

Do not forget to spoil you mom with lots of hugs and kisses this Mother’s Day.


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