What To Do When Things go Downhill


Do you feel everything’s going downhill and you can’t do anything but drown in the darkness trying to surround you? Do you feel that your life is breaking apart and nothing in this world can fix back all the pieces? Do you feel that life’s not worth living anymore and death’s a bliss? Well then, you’ve come to the right place, reader. Read on to find out how go to conquering mountains from feeling as if the group beneath your feet in slipping away.

Calm Down: The first thing you should do is take a break. No, I don’t mean take a break as in “take a kitkat break”. (But, if it works for you, go ahead with it.) Go away from your problems for a while. If you can afford to and have the courage to take a vacation, then take one. Grab the first ticket and just go. It doesn’t matter where you go (as long as it is on the earth). Be it to the land of your dreams or just somewhere you’ve never thought of going before. Meet new people, get to know their cultures, their languages, their dreams, their aspirations and their failures. Feel how huge the world is. And realize that underneath all the differences that divide us, we’re united by the fact that we’re humans and we’re flawed. This means that we often fall into trouble. But what might seem unconquerable today, might seem like a mere speck from your past tomorrow. If you don’t have the liberty of taking a vacation, taking a break can be just as simple as going to the terrace. Sit down, plug-in your earphones, listen to your favourite songs and block out the world, forget all your problems for a while. If you believe in God, then find a place away from the prying human eyes and just pray. If you believe in the concept of home, go home. Meet the people who accepted you when you were just but bits of shattered glass, but whom you might not have talked to in years because you were busy building your dream life. Meet them and experience how, despite the fact that everything has changed, your bond still remains the same. I know all these might not solve your problems, but they will give you a sense of purpose. They will give you a sense of direction, to let you know what you’re fighting (and what stands at stake if you lose.)

Take Help: No matter what pop culture has led you to believe, we’re not superheroes who can handle everything on our own. We’re not prince charming who can slay all their dragons by just lifting their sword. We’re not knights in shining armour who can fight a whole battle on their own. We’re just normal human  beings. And as human beings, there will always be some things which will be out of our control. A little bit of help might go a long way in helping us deal with these. Believe me, you shouldn’t be ashamed of asking for help. You never know, you might be embarrassed to admit your problems to sometime who, all this might, while be afraid of sharing their own demons with you for the fear of being judged. We, as humans, are social being. No matter how much it might seem that the society just focuses on breaking you down when you’re vulnerable, the whole purpose of forming societies was so that we could help each other. Nobody’s powerful enough to cross the river on their own. But together, we can build bridges. Everyone is fighting their battles, slaying their own dragons. As they say, “We’re all in the same game; Just different levels. Dealing with the same hell; just different devils .”While some might be able to conquer their demons, some might not be able to. If you just take this one risk, if you just take off your mask for this one time and truly look at the person next to you, you will find that everyone has problems of their own. And together, nothing’s too impossible.

Be Strong: I cannot emphasize this enough. Believe it or not, there will be a time when everything will be alright. Do you know why we read fairy tales as a child? It was not because they showed a prince and a princess. It was not because they showed that dragons do exist. It was because they made us believe that dragons can be beaten. And dragons can, for sure, be beaten. Do you know what it takes to beat a dragon? It’s not valour, or courage or how strategically you can plan to deal with your problems, it’s just sheer stubbornness. There’s a very old saying which states, “Magic happens, when you don’t give up, even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.” No matter how dark the skies might seem today, don’t give up. Every time you feel that the darkness is swallowing you, that the storm is blowing your world apart, just remember that there’s always a rainbow after the harshest of storms.

So, chin up Princess (or Prince), your crown’s falling. Remember, this too shall pass.


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