Theresa May won the vote of No confidence but still standing at the losing side.


Wound of nasty Brexit taking British politics into Strom everyday , especially for Prime Minister Theresa May who’s daunting and never convincing task of geting the right Brexit deal on the floor with European Union is fading her own political career.

On Wednesday her own Conversative party leaders brought the No- confidence motion in Parliament against Mrs May own praposed Brexit Deal which never impressed her own party colleagues and as per thier claimaming that Mrs. May is completely failing it’s her actions she don’t have the support and confidence in parliament. As probably expected that Theresa May will lose in voting but Mrs.May suprisengly survived the garvest threat and retained her leadership.

On buzzing evening in Westminster she won with the support of 200 conservative members and meanwhile 117 voted against her and made her victory with total 83 majority voters . But Therssa May still cannot even think take this celebration because she knows that the more troubles in waiting .

Mrs. May have to negotiate with the parliament on the version of her own Brexit deal that’s blashed majority of the Parliament lawmakers. Theresa may intentionally postponed the parliamentary voting on her deal because she know about how her deal will be crash in parliament. Winning a confidence of in parliament today just won’t end her enemies’ ambitions to discard her deal. Although she won support of 200 of her conservative lawyers but 117 voted  showed her unsuport to the Prime Minister.

“This was a terrible result for the prime minister,” said Jacob Rees-Mogg, a leader of the hard-line pro-Brexit faction and senior conservative leader.

Next vote on Theresa May Brexit deal re- sheducled probably for her next week. If she loses Brexit vote future could go either way. In that one case scenario is heading for No Brexit deal with EU which no one’s wants and it might have devastating impact the British economy. Instead of “God save the queen ” Britain people can say now “God save the May”



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