The World after 1000 years


“I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet.”
-Physicist Stephen Hawking (In a lecture at the University of Cambridge)

Still, scientists have predicted about how the world will be after 1000 years. So here we go..

The world after 1000 years –

1. India would be the super-power: Finally, after a long hard struggle, India would be a developed nation and would replace the USA.

2. Human population would increase: Currently, the human population on the planet is 7.6 billion. The world population till March 2012 was 7 billion. By calculations, the human population is increasing by 0.1 billion every year. So we can predict that the human population by the year 3018 would be something in trillions (7.6 trillion).

3. The grey planet: Well, probably, the lithosphere of the planet would be covered by buildings/skyscrapers (built by nanorobots) and not trees.

4. The Artificial intelligence in demand: “The artificial intelligence (AI) will be either the best or the worst, thing ever to happen to humanity”, says Stephen Hawking. Yes, the science and technology would be so ahead that we would be dealing with robots (created by us) that would be so much smarter and so much stronger than us.

5. We will be flying!: Unlike today, flying would be very common after 1000 years. Automatically driven flying cars and mini planes would be the common means of transport.

6. The idea of Utility fog: According to the concept of Utility fog, we would have skyscrapers/buildings that would assemble and disassemble on command. Well, that means we’ll live in homes/flats made of nanorobots. Interesting huh!!

7. Signals received!: So, after reading the heading, if you are thinking about the aliens, then your thought process is surely going in the right direction. Yes, aliens would find us. They would receive the signals that we have been sending in the universe. Aggressive aliens would capture our planet. If we would be more advanced, then we would surely think of capturing theirs. And hence there would be ‘Alien wars!’ Stephan Hawking, in his new online film, has mentioned, “I am more convinced than ever that we are not alone, but if the aliens are finding us, they will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.” Quite scary!!

8. Designer babies: The biotechnology would be so advanced, that the parents of the 31st century would be able to decide the morphological characters of their babies.

9. Books in the museums!: Alright, this must be astonishing because books are meant to be kept in libraries. But I believe that the youth of the 31st century would not be using books, pens, pencils and all the stationery items that we use today because they would have super-fast computers! Probably that’s not cool because their logical part of the brain would lag behind.

10. Human settlement on Mars: “We must continue to go into space for the future of humanity,” Hawking said in a lecture at the University of Cambridge. So, here I predict, we would find life on Mars and maybe 1/5th of the total population on the Earth would either settle or would be prepared to settle on the other planet. But wait, here is a caution – Hawking has estimated that self-sustaining human colonies on Mars are not going to be a viable option for another 100 years or so, which means we need to be “very careful” in the coming decades.

11. Increasing crime rate: With the incredible increase in population, the crime rate would surely increase.

12. No more world tours!: Unlike today, the people of the 31st century will be traveling to space. Yes, probably world tours would be affordable for the middle-class people while the richest ones would be touring our Galaxy ‘The Milky Way’.

13. World war III in history!: According to the current scenario, we may have a World war in the next 500–600 years or so, which would increase the syllabus for the students of the 31st century.

14. Climatic changes: The average temperature of the Earth would increase and keep increasing at a higher rate. A part of the Ozone layer would be depleted and would continue to deplete at a higher pace and organisms would be more prone to skin cancer.

15.The human evolution: This would take more than 1000 years, but man will be(and is) in the process of evolution. Dr. Shapiro named the man of future as Homosapiens futuralis. The man of future would be taller with the hairless body(well, no waxing for women.. congrats!). They would have a tomb like head and a larger brain with higher cranial capacity. The fifth finger would be absent (the little finger is vestigial).

Hence, to sum up, the world after 1000 years would be more advanced. The scientific world would surely touch it’s peak, compromising with the humanity. The world would lose humans. We would be near to our extinction. Day by day, the increasing length of the time would bring us closer to the horrifying death of the mankind.



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