The Whole World to Witness the Hearing of Kulbhushan Jadhav in ICJ Live


Kulbhushan Jadhav, a 48 year old resident Indian held prisoner in Pakistani jail. The Pakistani military court had sentenced him to death on charges of espionage and terrorism in April 2017. But as the matter became international, India filed an appeal against this decision in the International Court of Justice of UN in May 2017. Following the appeal, the United Nations’s Principal Judiciary Unit issued a statement this Wednesday that the court hearing of this case will be held between 18-21 February 2019 and a live streaming of the hearing will be done for the world to witness it.

Till the completion of the trial a 10-member bench of the court had on 18 May 2017 stopped Pakistan from implementing Jadhav’s sentence. A press release issued by the International Court said, “With the website of the trial court website, online web TV, On Demand Live Streaming (VOD) will be done in English and French on the United Nations online TV channel.”

What happened in international court

  • On January 23, the court had given a time limit for giving further information to India and Pakistan in this matter. India and Pakistan have already given their detailed petitions and reactions to the world court. In his written plea, India accused Jadhav of not providing the embassy access to Pakistan, accusing him of violating the Vienna Treaty, argued that the treaty does not say that the person arrested on the charge of espionage will not be allowed to meet the embassy personnel.

India and Pakistan, two countries known to hold a kind of enmity between them will once again battle each other. But this time it will not be a battle field but the floor of a court house, that too of UN’s International Court of Justice. To know which country the decision favors we will have to wait till February 2019. But since it is the life of an individual, Kulbhushan Jadhav at stake, I hope justice is served and no innocent blood is spilled.


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