The Success of PUBG


PUBG is the game of action and thrill. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground(PUBG), the most popular multiplayer game, right now is the most trending game among the youngsters. There are top rated games like Suppressing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, but PUBG is the new taste according to this generation, which is also true having an amazing graphics and sound quality will keep you engaged throughout the game.

This is an online game, where there are a hundred players and the challenge is to survive till the end. In this game, first, the players assemble in a small island. After few seconds or more, a jet takes them to another island where they have to jump and have to collect weapons and grenades as soon as possible, to kill the rest of the people who are playing the game and by killing all of them, they compete to be in the first position. Some of the popular and main cities are Pochinki, Gatka, Rozhok etc. One can play the game in squad, duo or solo.

I really love playing this game and it is the trendiest game recently. After playing this game you will surely get addicted to it and would want to play more.


                                                     Message of Winning

This message appears when one becomes the final survivor. When I got my first chicken dinner, it really felt great, like I had achieved something really big. It was, for no reason, like the biggest personal accomplishment that made me happy. No matter what, one ought to try this game.


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